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We are looking for the following positions:

  1. School Administration Officer
  2. Janitor 學校工友 (大埔校求職者可致電2338 7109)
  • 職責: 負責學校清潔,一般校務工作,一般體力勞動職務、搬運傢俬雜物及場地擺設、簡單維修及外勤工作 (需有責任心及愛心,具相關經驗及持有效電工牌優先,能即時上班優先) 準僱員需自願進行《性罪行定罪紀錄查核》
  • 資歷: 沒有學歷要求; 一般粵語; 略懂讀寫中文; (申請人提供的資料將予保密及只作招聘有關職位用途)
  • 待遇: 每月$12,265 – $13,870, 有醫療福利, 星期一至五: 上午8時至下午6時及星期六: 上午9時至下午4時, 每週工作5天至6天, 每天工作 10 小時, 星期六長短週


  • We require a personal interview for all short-listed candidates. This may be conducted at our school, at a mutually agreed upon location, or via Skype.
  • Please note that, as part of our commitment to safeguarding children, we conduct background checks on all successful candidates.
  • We reserve the right to fill a position prior to a closing date if the right candidate is found.
  • All candidates’ the Sexual Conviction Record Check (SCRC) conducted by Hong Kong Police should be cleared.