Mr. Wong Hon Leung 黃漢良

Wong Hon Leung, graduated from Quantitative Finance, CUHK. Had practiced internship in Forbes Private Equity(Asia). Founded a tutorial school during the year of University, has been drilling to develop students’ self-study ability. He is a renowned mathematics tutor that his students have gained excellent track record of academic results (continuously for many years that over 65% of students got level 6, level 7 in IB and 5*, 5** in HKDSE).


黃漢良 畢業於香港中文大學 計量金融系榮譽學士。實習於福布斯私人資產管理(亞洲)。於大學時期創辦翰良教育至今,致力於建立學生學習能力,現為知名數學良師,所培育的學生已經連續多年於IB 及HKDSE取得極之優秀成績(IB 達 level 6 和 level 7 及HKDSE 5* 和5**>65%學生)。