e-Learning Platforms for St. Hilary’s Online School

App GRWTH - Apps en Google Play


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Microsoft OneNote | macOS Icon Gallery


Usage Receive messages and notices Live Lesson and interact with teachers and students View teaching materials and submit homework
iOS Link https://apple.co/2S0Nz91 https://apple.co/3cDBHSe https://apple.co/2yAy7cY
Android https://bit.ly/2yEria1 https://bit.ly/34VvOgH https://bit.ly/2VvQCIl
Windows/MAC https://www.grwth.hk/ https://bit.ly/3eLrvZB https://www.onenote.com/notebooks
Login Grwth login O365 O365
How to use https://youtu.be/oa2NIdjkeXk https://youtu.be/pBwbAOt2jTg https://youtu.be/fAJgOmpxTcw




App Flipgrid – Eğitim Teknolojileri Platformu


zoom-icon – Camino de Santiago


Nearpod (@nearpod) | Twitter


Usage Submit videos DreamStarter Live Lesson Interactive activities platform
iOS Link https://apple.co/2KohLqx https://apple.co/2VPdEZU https://apple.co/355mMhe
Android https://bit.ly/3bC7xPm https://bit.ly/2VOrkEw https://bit.ly/2VtH5l6
Windows/MAC https://flipgrid.com/ https://zoom.us/ https://nearpod.com/
Login O365 No need to login No need to login
How to use https://youtu.be/-aZ523-HHBg https://youtu.be/QOUwumKCW7M https://youtu.be/DZTHYVVTm8k


App 在App Store 上的「Edmodo」


Quizizz: Play to Learn on the App Store


Usage View teaching materials and submit quizzes or project work Gamifying and interactive platform
iOS Link https://qrgo.page.link/Rq3W3 https://qrgo.page.link/XZuCv
Android https://qrgo.page.link/JK1mX https://qrgo.page.link/eQjUa
Windows/MAC https://new.edmodo.com/ https://quizizz.com/
Login O365 No need to login
How to use https://youtu.be/-n7E2iyWRG8 https://youtu.be/IV5Tj2y9XD8