The house system is introduced at St. Hilary’s Primary School which can strengthen our students’ identity and sense of pride in a supportive environment. It is also an effective way to encourage students to learn to be good team players, develop communication skills and make positive contribution in the school community.

Students joining St. Hilary’s Primary School will be allocated to different Houses. They will be allocated the same house as their siblings,if any. They will remain in the same allocated House throughout their primary life at St. Hilary so as to foster their sense of belonging and loyalty. Teachers are also allocated to different Houses as House Master / Mistress to coordinate activities and train the students as house leaders.

We have four houses:

  • Unicorn (Wisdom)
  • Lion (Courage)
  • Dragon (Kindness)
  • Peacock (Faith)

We encourage students to participate in the House activities, leave their comfort zones, try something challenging and have fun in the process. We will organize many inter House competition events and activities throughout the school year. We aim at fostering a spirit of friendly rivalry, collaboration and cooperation. House points will be awarded based on participation and results of competitions. At the end of each school year, the House with the highest score will be awarded the champion trophy.