School Information

School Information

St. Hilary is a private English co-ed school with traditional, core values and globalized outlook, was founded in 2015 by a group of educators with a passion for pedagogy. It aims at providing an all-round primary education for Hong Kong children. The School is governed by the Board of St. Hilary’s Primary School, a group comprised of experienced educators and administrators who ensure that the school is well-managed and adheres to the School Mission. The School is to commence operations in the private mode starting with lower primary classes in September 2016.
St. Hilary’s Primary School is located on a 4,000 sq. metre premises in Taipo. It is ideally situated next to Tai Po Market rail station. The campus conserves thickly forested environment and has renovated the old buildings as first-class educational and sporting facilities including teaching block, library, organic farm, art gallery, basketball court and badminton court. The entire campus is fully connected by high-speed network, providing a technological advanced environment to support learning and teaching.
VNSAA St. Hilary’s School is located in Kowloon, next to the Mongkok MTR station which is convenient in transportation. VNSAA St. Hilary’s School has an area of around 14,000 square feet. Both campuses of St. Hilary share the same school calendar, curriculum and school policies.St. Hilary’s primary students are educated to explore their potential in an environment where East meets West, giving them the best of both cultures. The school mentors the students and fosters their personal growth to encourage initiative, positive attitudes, individuality and creativity. All these provide a basis for lifelong learning. It also adopts a trilingual and biliterate approach to teaching and around the school environment to enhance students’ language skills in communication and learning. Most importantly, it adopts a whole school approach to pastoral care and every teacher is a model for students.St. Hilary cultivates students with 2L1S: literacy in English, Chinese (Putonghua) and Science. The 2L1S approach is a cross-curricular approach, laying the foundation for students to apply their languages and science skills over a broad range of subjects so as to face the challenges in the new era. Mastering the three skills through different subjects including Languages, Mathematics and Science (including Information Technology), will consolidate students’ knowledge and skills and boost their analytical power. Similarly, St. Hilary offers a flexible, stimulating and inspiring General Studies curriculum to students. The unique and innovative syllabus will cater to an ever changing world by promoting appreciation and discussion of topics involving Citizenship, Life Education, Religion, Health, Arts, Cultural Studies, Self Reflection, Value Education and Self Discipline. Various learning programmes are launched to enrich students’ life experiences and equip them with the generic skills to face the ever-changing world.The mission, teaching strategies and language policy of the school are supported by parents. In 2016/2017, all its 150 school places of Grade One have been filled. With such a large number of applications, the school will have a relatively stable class structure and student enrollment.  In the 2016/2017 school year, the primary school provides education from Grade One to Grade Three. It has 5 classes in Grade One. Grade Two and Grade Three have one class in each level. The average class size would be 30.To strengthen the individual care of students, St. Hilary keeps the teacher-class ratio at 2:1 approximately.  The staff strength can help the school maintains co-homeroom teachers system. Re-grouping of students in some core subject learning activities is also feasible in the future. Besides, the school recruits experienced and qualified teachers to take up the leadership roles at each subject discipline in order to develop quality school based curriculum.The School Board is the top decision-making body. Its members include experienced headmasters, educators and professionals from the community. Under the supervision of the School Principal, committees are formed to maintain the normal operation and development of the school. Fields of concern include facility management, student affairs, curriculum development, quality assurance, information technology and extra-curricular activities, etc. Therefore, the school is going to form the School Operation Committee (SOC) which will empower the middle managers to make operational decision with the headmaster. The SOC members will meet bi-weekly to plan for the school activities, such as Sports Day, Admission.Parents of St. Hilary would also be involved. They will be invited to participate and volunteer in many school activities, e.g. Play Day, “Story Mama”, library services, excursions, etc. To strengthen the communication, St. Hilary will organise different kinds of activities and provide channels for the parents to communicate with the school management and teachers, i.e. monthly lunch meeting, Café Social.

School Type

Private, English, co-ed, primary

Commencement of Operation

1st September 2016

Medium of Instruction

English / Putonghua (Chinese & General Studies)

School Hours

08 : 20 – 15 : 30

Grade Level

  • St. Hilary’s Primary School (Tai Po)
    • Grade 1 to Grade 6
  • VNSAA St. Hilary’s School (Mongkok)
    • Grade 1 to Grade 6
  • AOG St. Hilary’s College(Primary Section) (Diamond Hill)
    • Grade 1 to Grade 6

Tuition Fee

HK$8,086 per month (11 installments)

Material Fee

HK$4,200 per term (2 installments)