General Information for SH students and parents

School Hours:   8:20 am – 3:30 pm

Office Hours:   7:30 am – 5:00 pm


Absences, Leaves, Tardiness and Make-up Work

Absences – Students are expected to attend school on a daily basis. If any student is sick and cannot attend school, parents should notify the school by phone before 8:00 a.m. Parents should submit the “Student Leave Application Form” with supporting documents (parent’s note, doctor’s slip, etc.) when the student returns to school. The form can be downloaded from our school website. If student needs to apply for planned leave of one or more days, parents are advised to write to the Headmaster with supporting documentation in advance.

Leaves – If a student has to leave school early, parent / guardian must sign out at the General Office. The parent / guardian must submit a signed note if the student has to leave with another designated person. The designated person will need to provide proof of identification. Our school will call the parent / guardian to confirm the arrangement.

Tardiness – Students are expected to report to school on time. It is essential to their character development. Students who attend school after 8:20 a.m. are considered to be late and must report to the General Office. Excessive tardiness will be handled with appropriate consequences. In short, absences, leaves and tardiness will be recorded and shown in the report card.

Make-up Work – Students who are absent may be required to do make-up work at the teacher’s discretion.


Language Policy

Students are expected to use the same language as the language of instruction in lessons. For example, students are expected to use English in Mathematics lessons and Putonghua in Chinese lessons. They are advised to use either English or Putonghua at all times in the school.


Parental Notification

Students are responsible for delivering all school notices and newsletters to their parents. Parents should check and sign their child’s student planner every day. Parents are encouraged to use the communication section of the student planner or email to communicate with the teaching staff when necessary. (Parents are also encouraged to check the e-news regularly).


Use of Telephones

Students may be issued phone / smart watch passes to use the school telephone if their reasons are accepted by the teachers. They can also bring mobile phones/ smart watches to school but should put them in a zipped bag with their name on it. The phones/ smart watches must be kept in the General Office during school hours. Students may pick up them before leaving school. Under no circumstances should students use their mobile phones/ smart watches during school hours. Phones/ Smart watches seen or heard during school hours will be confiscated. Parents will be required to pick up confiscated phones/ smart watches from the General Office.

Lost and Found

To help us with the identification of students’ belongings like uniforms and lunch boxes, please label ALL personal items. Parents are asked to regularly check the Lost and Found Box outside the General Office for lost articles. All lost items that are not claimed will be donated to charitable organizations at the end of each school term.



As a precautionary measure, students should not bring large sums of money or valuables to school. We suggest that students only bring the amount of money that is necessary for transportation. For students who use the Octopus card, parents should give them a daily limit which can teach them how to manage and budget accordingly.


Students’ Dress Code

Students must wear the school uniform to attend all school functions. Students should tuck in their shirt for regular uniform. Students may wear their PE uniform on the days of their PE lessons or OLE sports activities and there is no need to change back into their regular uniform. Students should wear their House T-shirts during House meetings and other House activities. For special requests, a written letter should be provided for the approval of the Headmaster.


School Uniform

  Boys Girls
Summer Winter Summer Winter
Regular w  Short sleeve white shirt with badge

w  Tuck in shirt

w  Grey shorts

w  Black belt (G4-6)

w  White crew socks

w  Black leather shoes

w Long sleeve white shirt with badge

w Tuck in shirt

w Grey shorts or long pants

w Black belt (G4-6)

w Grey socks (knee high for shorts)

w Black leather shoes

w  White dress with belt & badge

w  White crew    socks

w  Black leather shoes

w  Pinafore and checkered or white shirt with belt & badge

w  Grey knee high socks

w  Black leather shoes

PE w  PE shirt with badge

w  Blue shorts

w  White socks (not lower than low cut socks)

w  White running shoes

w PE shirt with badge

w Blue shorts or track pants

w White socks

w White running shoes

w  PE shirt with badge

w  Blue shorts

w  White ankle length socks

w  White running shoes

w  PE shirt with badge

w  Blue shorts or track pants

w  White socks

w  White running shoes

Optional Items w Blue cotton cardigan

w Multi-functional blue jacket (recommended)

w Grey long pants, blue windbreaker and /or fleece lining may be worn when the Hong Kong Observatory issued the “Cold Weather Warning”.

Hair Style, Accessories & Others w Hair style should be neat and tidy with natural hair colour.

w Long hair should be tied up with a plain colour hair band.

w Accessories are not allowed.

w School uniforms should be worn for school functions during holidays.



Inclement Weather

In the case of inclement weather, parents are asked to check the weather report broadcasted on TV or radio in the morning as the Education Bureau may announce special arrangements according to the weather conditions.


The following table is the guideline issued by the Education Bureau (EDB):

Weather Conditions If Students are NOT YET at School If Students are ALREADY at School
When Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No. 3 is issued. School is to operate as usual unless EDB advised otherwise. School is to operate as usual unless EDB advised otherwise.
When Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal Pre-No.8 / No.8 or above is issued Classes are to be suspended. Parents should pick up their children at school. Students using the school bus service will be bused home when the road condition is safe.
When Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No.8 or above is replaced by Signal No.3 Unless previous announcement has been made to the effect that classes will be suspended for the entire day, school is to resume if Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal 3 has been issued before 5:30 a.m.
Amber Rainstorm Warning Signal School will operate as usual unless EDB advised otherwise. School will operate as usual unless EDB advised otherwise.
Red or Black Rainstorm Warning Signal issued from 5:30 a.m. onwards and before 6:00 a.m. 1.     Classes are to be suspended all day.

2.     Students who have not left for school should stay home.

3.     Our school will arrange staff to look after the students who might arrive and ensure that conditions are safe before allowing them to return home.

Red or Black Rainstorm Warning Signal issued from 6:00 a.m. onwards and before 8:00 a.m. 1.     Classes are to be suspended all day.

2.     Students who have not left for school should stay home.

3.     Our school will keep the premise open to look after students who have arrived at school.

4.     If students learn about the class suspension announcement on their way to school, they should decide whether to proceed with their journey to school taking into consideration the rain, road, slope or traffic conditions.

5.     Students who have already arrived at school should remain in school until it is safe for them to return home.

6.     Parents do not need to pick up their children from school immediately.

Red or Black Rainstorm Warning Signal issued from 8:00 a.m. onwards 1.     School will operate as usual until the end of normal school hours.

2.     Students who have not left for school should stay home.

3.     If students learn about the Red or Black Rainstorm Warning Signal issued on their way to school, they should decide whether to proceed with their journey to school taking into consideration the rain, road, slope or traffic conditions.


In exceptional circumstances, EDB may announce the suspension of classes in certain districts, in which case students do not need to attend school. Parents are then advised to pay careful attention to internet, radio or television announcements before sending their children to school. Moreover, parents should exercise discretion in deciding whether or not to send their children to school with regard to inclement weather conditions. In the event of adverse local weather, road, slope or traffic conditions, parents are advised to keep their children at home for their safety, and to report the situation to the General Office.


School Routines


General Rules

  • Students should walk, not run, in the atrium (hall), classrooms, hallways and stairways.
  • Students should move quietly in the school.
  • Students should play freely ONLY in the designated play areas.
  • Students are allowed to eat and drink in the classroom only at lunch time and with special arrangement by teachers. Water bottles are allowed to be kept in the designated area of the classroom. Students may drink water during class with the teacher’s permission.


Daily Routines

Before School

  • Students are allowed to enter the school at 7:45 a.m. They should only stay in the badminton courts (playground) and atrium (hall) when supervision is available until entering classrooms at 8:10 a.m.


Lunch Time

  • Students will have lunch in their classrooms.
  • When students finish eating, they may be dismissed for recess or lunch activities with the teacher’s permission.


After School Dismissal

  • Students who are taking the school bus must be in bus lines on time. Parents or guardians who are picking up their children must present the “pick-up card” to the duty teacher. Students should go home immediately after school dismissal.


Code of Conduct

Students are expected to always:

  • Act safely and consider the safety of others
  • Be responsible for their words and actions
  • Show self-respect and be respectful to others and the environment


When a student displays inappropriate behaviour or uses inappropriate language, he/she may be asked to write a reflection on his/her behaviour and/or parents may be informed. He/she may face one or more of the following consequences depending on the nature of the behaviour and the frequency the behaviour:

  • Receive a verbal warning and be told the consequence should the behaviour be repeated
  • Make apology
  • Withdraw one or more privilege(s)
  • Perform school services
  • Suspension from class
  • Suspension from school


Students who display inappropriate behaviour consistently will be handled by the Discipline and Counselling Team which will formulate a development plan where goals for improvement are set and guidance will be given to the student to achieve these goals.




Homework Policy


Homework is an essential part of a student’s education. It should:

  • Be a shared commitment among teachers, students and parents
  • Extend and support in-school experiences
  • Teach students to be responsible, independent and self-motivated learners
  • Encourage lifelong learning and extend learning beyond the school
  • Provide parents with insight into their child’s learning
  • Provide parents an opportunity to be actively involved in their child’s education





Students will be responsible for their learning by:

  • Writing down homework in the Student Planner
  • Asking for help when necessary
  • Completing the assigned work with consistent effort
  • Meeting time lines for homework completion
  • Developing a homework routine and study habits
  • Locating appropriate resources and materials
  • Bringing work home and back to school, and submitting it on time


Parents will assist their child by:

  • Ensuring their child has leisure reading time every day
  • Having the necessary learning materials and resources available
  • Providing support and supervision when necessary
  • Encouraging their child’s effort, achievement and positive attitude
  • Helping their child to organize homework routines
  • Discussing the homework assignments with their child
  • Communicating with school staff as necessary
  • Checking and signing their child’s Student Planner


Teachers will support students and parents by:

  • Asking students to copy down homework in their planners
  • Assigning homework on a consistent basis
  • Providing guidance during homework supervision time
  • Checking the completion of homework
  • Following up with students and contacting parents when necessary
  • Monitoring the amount of homework
  • Communicating with parents/guardians when necessary




Homework Expectations

Grade 1 to 2

30 minutes of daily “reading for enjoyment” to and by children (e.g. guided reading, library books, etc.)

30 to 60 minutes of homework (students may have finished most of the written work at school during homework supervision time):

  • completion of unfinished class work
  • review and practice concepts taught
  • additional practice of spelling, phonics, number facts
  • Chinese characters and exercises
  • journal entries
  • assignments


Grade 3 to 6

30 minutes of daily leisure reading by children (e.g. novels, library books, etc.)

60 to 90 minutes of homework (students may have finished most of the written work at school during homework supervision time):

  • completion of unfinished class work
  • review and practice concepts taught
  • additional practice of spelling, phonics, mathematical problem solving
  • language exercises
  • journal entries
  • assignments/research/projects related to topics of study


Note: Consequences such as supervised work time during recess or after school will be given to students who consistently do not submit homework on time.




Abbreviations of Homework


Developing Good Reading Habits

Students are encouraged to read on a daily basis, either Chinese or English. The class library is open to students every morning from 8:20 am to 8:40 am. Every student can check out one class book and bring it home. The loan period is 7 days excluding long public holidays and school holidays. Students are not allowed to check out a new item if the borrowed one has not been returned. If the student damages or loses the book, he/she must pay the replacement cost or buy a new exact replacement.

School Bus Guidelines

School bus services are offered to students in need. Students are expected to display appropriate behaviour on the school bus. All bus riders should follow these basic rules:

  • Buckle up the seat belt throughout the bus ride.
  • Stay in the same seat throughout the bus ride.
  • Remain quiet to ensure bus safety.
  • All other school rules (Safety, Respect, Responsibility) are applicable on the school bus.

Following the above rules and regulations is crucial to ensure safety of all students taking the school bus. The school will monitor students’ behavior on the school bus. A student’s privilege to take the school bus may be withdrawn if he/she displays inappropriate behaviour without consistent improvement.



Guidelines for Other Learning Experiences (OLE)

Objectives: Other Learning Experiences (OLE) aim at widening students’ exposure to a variety of learning experiences and enriching their knowledge in each of these six domains: English Language, Chinese Language, Mathematics, Aesthetics, Sports, and Social Skills and Leadership. OLE also provides opportunities for students to tap their potentials, which is important for students to develop their talents. The courses in each domain are designed to cater to students’ needs according to their development and learning progress.

Course Selection:

  1. There are 3 phases with around 6 TOLE (Teacher’s OLE) lessons per phase normally every year (subject to the pandemic situation in Hong Kong this year).
  2. Students are encouraged to attend at least 1 course in each domain every year.
  3. Parents can prioritise with their child a first and a second choice for each TOLE course. Please ensure they can experience all domains.
  4. A quota is set for each course to ensure effective learning.
  5. If the number of students selecting a TOLE course exceeds the quota, the courses will be allocated to students randomly.
  6. TOLE courses are generally allocated to students based on their preferences. Yet, there may be a possibility where a student cannot enroll in either their first or second choice. In this case, a course will be allocated to the student by the school.
  7. Some Elite school team training sessions are scheduled in the afternoon sessions and Saturdays. Students are recommended by teachers upon selection. Students in these courses are expected to attend the training for the whole year.
  8. Material fee is applicable for some courses, as indicated at the time of course selection.
  9. To ensure the course selection process is smooth, parents should follow the selection guidelines closely to indicate your preferences.
  10. Reassignment of courses may not be possible after the system allocation has finished.
  11. Separate information will be sent out for POLE (paid OLE) courses.



Charter for Success

At St. Hilary’s, we value a close and cooperative partnership among students, staff and parents. In order to ensure your daughter/son has a successful year at school, all parties need to understand their responsibilities and enter into a partnership with the school. We have developed this written contract to encourage success in the form of a charter that students, the School Head and parents acknowledging their responsibilities in the educational process.

Commitments of the School

We will:

  • ensure a safe, caring and disciplined environment
  • provide the highest quality staff and teaching
  • give your child the opportunity to be successful
  • make sure that our teachers get to know your child’s needs
  • provide your child with the opportunity to participate in cultural, artistic, sports and other OLE activities
  • report to you regularly regarding your child’s progress
  • be ready to meet with you whenever it is mutually convenient
  • contact you whenever we feel it is necessary
  • provide a range of other educational and support services


Parental/Guardian Commitments

We will:

  • provide a suitable study environment at home
  • foster positive attitudes towards school
  • provide language resources for English and Chinese learning at home
  • make sure our child is not absent from school unless absolutely necessary
  • check assignments and homework on a daily basis
  • check and look over Student Planner
  • designate someone in our absence to supervise assignments and homework
  • discuss with our child his/her overall progress on a regular basis
  • tell the school whenever we are concerned about our child’s progress
  • support Parent-Teacher interviews
  • attend other parent/school meetings when requested
  • support school functions, moral education program, and OLE activities
  • encourage our child to obey the school rules


Student’s Commitments

I will:

  • attend classes regularly and on time
  • come with a positive attitude, showing respect for my elders and fellow students
  • speak English or Putonghua as required
  • strive to succeed in everything I do
  • do all my assignments by myself and to the best of my ability
  • seek assistance from teachers, parents or tutors when having difficulty with my assignments
  • prepare thoroughly for all examinations and tests
  • sign up for at least one OLE course
  • follow all the school rules including coming to school in uniform
  • accept any sanctions for breaking the rules
  • make sure my parents receive all communications sent from the school
  • support school activities



OLE – Students’ Successes Outside of School 

In order to recognise students’ successes outside of school, parents may submit their child’s achievements from competitions arranged by other reputed organisations, such as interschool visual arts competitions. Their achievements will be announced and the awards will be presented in the weekly morning assemblies after approval from the School.  

Other than achievements from competitions, parents may also submit their child’s participation in activities or services arranged by other reputed organisations, such as participation in volunteering work. 

These achievements and activities will be mentioned in your child’s OLE report cards after getting subject heads’ approval at the end of each term. Parents should submit their child’s achievements throughout the academic year upon receiving the awards or completion of activities. 

To submit your child’s achievements or activities: 

  1. Print out and complete the “OLE – Students’ Successes Outside of School Form”  
  2. Submit the award/certificate together with the “OLE – Students’ Successes Outside of School Form” to your child’s subject teacher. 

Please note that the awards/certificates will be returned to students after the presentation in the assemblies or if the awards are not approved.