SH Easter Project: Together We SHine Video

During this difficult period which Hong Kong is going through, as the theme of this school year says, ‘Together We SHine’, we believe we are capable of achieving far more when we come together and face the challenges as one. To echo with the theme, we would like to invite our students to join the SH Easter Project: Together We SHine Video. Thanks for our students’ and teachers’ help in making some demo videos and the chord charts to show how to sing and play the song ‘Together We SHine’ with different musical instruments including the recorder, piano, guitar, ukulele, violin and African drum. Students can learn how to play the song using those instruments by watching the videos by clicking the link:



After watching those videos, students are invited to record a video of themselves singing or playing the song with one of the above or other musical instrument with the tempo at 100 bpm and post it on Flipgrid ( with the flip code: togetherweshine. Students can view each other’s videos on the Flipgrid page. Some of the videos will be chosen and combined to be one video which will be sent to all parents and students via Grwth. The video will also be posted on the School’s Facebook page.

As the lyrics say, ‘The power of unity will lead us to victory. Our hearts align, together we SHine.’ Let us join hands and face the challenges together! May all parents and students stay healthy, and students have fun learning online with our teachers. We look forward to seeing SH students back in school as soon as the situation allows. For any enquiries, please contact your homeroom teachers. We hope to see videos of your child soon!

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