St. Hilary’s Grade 6 High Table Dinner (2023-05-25)


✨🍽 St. Hilary’s Grade 6 High Table Dinner: A Night to Remember! 🍽✨

🎉🎊 On May 25th, St. Hilary’s Grade 6 High Table Dinner took place at the Hilton Garden Inn, and it was a HUGE success! 🥳👏 Our SH students dressed to impress in formal attire and behaved like true young adults. 🕴💃
The evening began with students arriving at the venue, taking fun photos at the photo booth 📸, and signing the signature board 🖊. The High Table Dinner was officially opened with a speech by Chief Headmaster, Mr. Chu, followed by etiquette tips from Headmaster, Mr. Tsang. 🍽👌
During the meal, students engaged in lively conversations with their peers and teachers while enjoying a delicious menu. 🥗🥣🍛 The highlight of the evening was the speech convention, where students presented their views on the challenges of balancing green space and living space in Hong Kong. 🏙🌳 The presentations were thought-provoking, and our School Board Members, Mr. Terry Tsui, Mr. Tong Tang and Dr. Jeffrey Pong provided valuable feedback. 🎤👩‍🏫
Inspirational speeches by Headmistress, Miss Ko and Headmaster, Mr. Fung were the cherry on top of a fantastic evening. 🌟👍 The night ended with group photos to capture the lasting memories. 📷💕
Great job, St. Hilary’s Grade 6 students! We are so proud of you! 🌟💖🙌


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